UV Exposure Unit / UV Contact Printer

UV (Ultraviolet) Exposure Unit / Exposure Frame / Contact Printer. Excellent quality made in Italy wooden product; Professional; Uses top quality components; Excellent resolution; Produces consistently good results.

Ideal for screen printing, pad printing and hot foil printing. Ideal for high resolution professional quality photoetching of stencils, pads and printed circuits boards (PCB); ideal for rubber stamps, serigraphy / screen painting, silk screening, surface printing and contact printing; for creating labels, decals, nameplates, signs, tags & panel fronts with writings and drawings on metal, plastic (and other materials) plates; for creating stencils and templates (such as high resolution SMT templates); rubberstamps, silkscreening and for many other professional and hobbyist uses.

This excellent quality product offers unique, advanced solutions that make possible extremely high definiton, very even illumination on the whole working area, and short exposure times at a fraction of the cost of a professionally (priced) product, but without ANY comprimise on quality.

Technical data / specifications:

# Robust, elegant wooden housing with quality paint finish, coloured black.

# Dimensions (W x D x H): 332 x 232 x 135 mm (13.1 x 9.1 x 5.3 inches).

# Weight: 6.3 Kg (14 lbs).

# Working area: about an A4 sheet, i.e. ~30 x 21 cm (11.8 x 8.3 inches).

# Electrical connection: 220..240 V, 50 Hz, max 100 W.

NOTE: our UV Exposure Unit is suitable for use also in countries that operate on 110V system (USA, Canada, most parts of South America), by using it with a inexpensive 110V->230V voltage converter like those available at http://www.voltageconverters.com/voltage_converters.html (for as little as $4.99!) and many other sources, including hardware stores and travel stores.

You may also check the following guide to know what adapter you need for your country: http://www.voltageconverters.com/voltageguide.htm

# Illuminated switch and AC power connector. Power cable included.

# Four UVA high output black light lamps with push fit lampholders.

# The unit includes detailed instructions for safety and maintenance. Average tubes and glow starters life is about 3000 hours.

# The interior of the lid is lined with a foam pressure pad and a semi-rigid panel, to ensure uniform pressure and perfect contact of the master and material on the opal glass sheet. The lid can be firmly shut and locked. The resulting resolution obtainable is excellent. Spend your money well, no need for costy, noisy and hard to use vacuum systems used by other products, it's all wasted money when you can have a pressure pad system that works perfectly, like ours.

# The opal glass diffuser and the particular positioning of the 4 lamps ensure optimal, very even illumination on the whole working area, excellent detail, quality and very short exposure times.

Price table:

Qty: 1x = 239.00 Euro
Qty: 5x = 219.00 Euro
Qty: 25x = 199.00 Euro

Should the above not be able to address all questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us by eMail. We want you to be fully satisfied by our service as much as you'll be by our products!