Modular PIC Boards.

Our line of Modular PIC Boards will be announced in Q1 2006

[ this site is under construction, please be patient ]


Microchip PIC Atmel Development Demo Prototyping Board Boards Robotics Robot Robots Automation Automa JTAG ICD ICSP RISC SBC "Single Board Computer" Microcontroller EEPROM Flash Programmer Hardware Software Firmware Reset 18F8720 18LF8720 18F8680 16F84 16F873 16F874 16F628 PC Oscillator LCD LED Laser Modulation Audio Sound Display Relay Switch Switches Keypad Keyboard TTL CMOS Logic DAC ADC Analog Cable ICD MPLab Parallel CAN ECAN SPI IC I2C FireWire USB RS485 RS232 Serial UART USART EUSART PSP Memory Dos Windows 95 98 ME NT 2000 XP AY0438 PIC12C508 PIC12C508A PIC12C509 PIC12C509A PIC12C671 PIC12C672 PIC12CE518 PIC12CE519 PIC12CE673 PIC12CE674 PIC12CR509A PIC12F629 PIC12F675 PIC14000 PIC16C432 PIC16C433 PIC16C505 PIC16C54 PIC16C54A PIC16C54C PIC16C55 PIC16C554 PIC16C558 PIC16C55A PIC16C56 PIC16C56A PIC16C57 PIC16C57C PIC16C58B PIC16C620 PIC16C620A PIC16C621 PIC16C621A PIC16C622 PIC16C622A PIC16C62A PIC16C62B PIC16C63 PIC16C63A PIC16C642 PIC16C64A PIC16C65A PIC16C65B PIC16C66 PIC16C662 PIC16C67 PIC16C71 PIC16C710 PIC16C711 PIC16C712 PIC16C715 PIC16C716 PIC16C717 PIC16C72 PIC16C72A PIC16C73A PIC16C73B PIC16C745 PIC16C74A PIC16C74B PIC16C76 PIC16C765 PIC16C77 PIC16C770 PIC16C771 PIC16C773 PIC16C774 PIC16C781 PIC16C782 PIC16C923 PIC16C924 PIC16C925 PIC16C926 PIC16CE623 PIC16CE624 PIC16CE625 PIC16CR58B PIC16F627 PIC16F628 PIC16F630 PIC16F648A PIC16F676 PIC16F72 PIC16F73 PIC16F737 PIC16F74 PIC16F747 PIC16F76 PIC16F767 PIC16F77 PIC16F777 PIC16F818 PIC16F819 PIC16F83 PIC16F84 PIC16F84A PIC16F870 PIC16F871 PIC16F872 PIC16F873 PIC16F873A PIC16F874 PIC16F874A PIC16F876 PIC16F876A PIC16F877 PIC16F877A PIC16F88 PIC16HV540 PIC17C42A PIC17C43 PIC17C44 PIC17C752 PIC17C756A PIC17C762 PIC17C766 PIC18C242 PIC18C252 PIC18C442 PIC18C452 PIC18C601 PIC18C658 PIC18C801 PIC18C858 PIC18F1220 PIC18F1320 PIC18F2220 PIC18F2320 PIC18F242 PIC18F2439 PIC18F248 PIC18F252 PIC18F2539 PIC18F258 PIC18F4220 PIC18F4320 PIC18F442 PIC18F4439 PIC18F448 PIC18F452 PIC18F4539 PIC18F458 PIC18F6520 PIC18F6525 PIC18F6585 PIC18F6620 PIC18F6621 PIC18F6680 PIC18F6720 PIC18F8520 PIC18F8525 PIC18F8585 PIC18F8620 PIC18F8621 PIC18F8680 PIC18F8720 24AA00 24AA01 24AA014 24AA02 24AA04 24AA08 24AA128 24AA16 24AA256 24AA32A 24AA512 24AA515 24AA52 24AA64 24AA65 24C00 24C01C 24C01SC 24C02C 24C04A 24C65 24FC128 24FC256 24FC32 24FC512 24FC515 24LC00 24LC014 24LC01B 24LC024 24LC025 24LC02B 24LC04B 24LC08B 24LC09 24LC128 24LC16B 24LC21 24LC21A 24LC22A 24LC256 24LC32A 24LC41A 24LC512 24LC515 24LC64 24LC65 24LCS21 24LCS21A 24LCS22A 24LCS52 24LCS61 24LCS62 25AA040 25AA080 25AA080A 25AA080B 25AA160 25AA160A 25AA160B 25AA320 25AA640 25C040 25C080 25C160 25C320 25LC040 25LC080 25LC160 25LC160A 25LC160B 25LC320 25LC640 93AA46 93AA56 93AA66 93AA76 93AA76A 93AA76B 93AA76C 93AA86 93AA86A 93AA86B 93AA86C 93C46B 93C56A 93C56B 93C66A 93C66B 93C76 93C76A 93C76B 93C76C 93C86 93C86A 93C86B 93C86C 93LC46 93LC46A 93LC46B 93LC46C 93LC56 93LC56A 93LC56B 93LC66 93LC66A 93LC66B 93LC76 93LC76A 93LC76B 93LC76C 93LC86 93LC86A 93LC86B 93LC86C MCP100 MCP101 MCP120 MCP1252-33X50 MCP1252-ADJ MCP1253-33X50 MCP1253-ADJ MCP130 MCP1525 MCP1541 MCP1601 MCP18480 MCP201 MCP2120 MCP2140 MCP2150 MCP2155 MCP23016 MCP25020 MCP25025 MCP25050 MCP25055 MCP2510 MCP2515 MCP2551 MCP3001 MCP3002 MCP3004 MCP3008 MCP3021 MCP3201 MCP3202 MCP3204 MCP3208 MCP3221 MCP3301 MCP3302 MCP3304 MCP41010 MCP41050 MCP41100 MCP42010 MCP42050 MCP42100 MCP6001 MCP6002 MCP6004 MCP601 MCP602 MCP6021 MCP6022 MCP6023 MCP6024 MCP603 MCP604 MCP6041 MCP6042 MCP6043 MCP6044 MCP606 MCP607 MCP608 MCP609 MCP6141 MCP6142 MCP6143 MCP6144 MCP616 MCP617 MCP618 MCP619 MCP6271 MCP6272 MCP6273 MCP6274 MCP6281 MCP6282 MCP6283 MCP6284 MCP6291 MCP6292 MCP6294 MCP6541 MCP6542 MCP6543 MCP6544 MCP6546 MCP6547 MCP6548 MCP6549 MCP6S21 MCP6S22 MCP6S26 MCP6S28 MCP73826 MCP73827 MCP73828 MCP73841 MCP73842 MCP73843 MCP73844 MCP809 MCP810 TC07 TC1014 TC1015 TC1016 TC1017 TC1025 TC1026 TC1027 TC1028 TC1029 TC1030 TC1031 TC1034 TC1035 TC1037 TC1038 TC1039 TC1040 TC1041 TC1043 TC1044S TC1046 TC1047 TC1047A TC105 TC1054 TC1055 TC1070 TC1071 TC1072 TC1073 TC110 TC1107 TC1108 TC1121 TC1142 TC115 TC1173 TC1174 TC1185 TC1186 TC1187 TC1188 TC1189 TC120 TC1219 TC1220 TC1221 TC1222 TC1223 TC1224 TC1232 TC1240 TC1240A TC125 TC126 TC1262 TC1263 TC1264 TC1265 TC1266 TC1267 TC1268 TC1269 TC1270 TC1271 TC1272 TC1273 TC1274 TC1275 TC1276 TC1277 TC1278 TC1279 TC1300 TC1305 TC1306 TC1307 TC1315 TC1320 TC1321 TC1322 TC1410 TC1410N TC1411 TC1411N TC1412 TC1412N TC1413 TC1413N TC1426 TC1427 TC1428 TC14433 TC14433A TC2014 TC2015 TC2054 TC2055 TC2117 TC2185 TC32M TC3400 TC3401 TC3402 TC3403 TC3404 TC3405 TC3827 TC426 TC427 TC428 TC429 TC4403 TC4404 TC4405 TC4420 TC4421 TC4422 TC4423 TC4424 TC4425 TC4426 TC4426A TC4427 TC4427A TC4428 TC4428A TC4429 TC4431 TC4432 TC4467 TC4468 TC4469 TC4626 TC4627 TC500 TC500A TC51 TC510 TC514 TC52 TC520A TC53 TC530 TC534 TC54 TC55 TC56 TC57 TC59 TC620 TC621 TC622 TC623 TC624 TC642 TC642B TC646 TC646B TC647 TC647B TC648 TC648B TC649 TC649B TC650 TC6501 TC6502 TC6503 TC6504 TC651 TC652 TC653 TC654 TC655 TC664 TC665 TC670 TC682 TC7106 TC7106A TC7107 TC7107A TC7109 TC7109A TC7116 TC7116A TC7117 TC7117A TC7126 TC7126A TC7129 TC7135 TC7136 TC7136A TC72 TC74 TC7650 TC7652 TC7660 TC7660H TC7660S TC7662A TC7662B TC77 TC820 TC826 TC835 TC850 TC913A TC913B TC9400 TC9401 TC9402 TC962 TCM680 TCM809 TCM810 TCM811 TCM812 TCM828 TCM829 TCM851 TCM852 TCM853 TCN75